Account Payables

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. Functional Implementer
. Sales Consultants

Course Topics

Procure to Pay Lifecycle Overview

. Describing the procure to pay process flow
. Describing the key areas in the procure to pay process
. Describing how the procure to pay process fits into the Oracle eBusiness suite of applications

Payables Overview

. Describing the Payables process flow
. Describing the key areas in the Payables process
. Identifying Payables integration points
. Identifying Payables open interfaces


. Defining suppliers
. Defining supplier sites
. Identifying key reports
. Using setup options
. Identifying implementation considerations


. Importing and entering invoices and invoice distributions
. Applying prepayments and advances
. Matching invoices to purchase orders
. Applying and releasing holds
. Understanding invoice approval workflow
. Validating invoices for payment

Quick Invoices

. Using Quick Invoices
. Entering invoice records
. Entering purchase order matched invoice records
. Entering price corrections
. Finding and modifying invoice records
. Adding invoice records
. Creating invoices from invoice records


. Describing the process of issuing payments
. Setting up bank accounts
. Processing single payments
. Processing payment batches
. Processing stop and void payments

Expense Reports and Credit Cards

. Describing the expense report process
. Entering expense report templates
. Entering expense reports
. Applying advances
. Identifying key expense related reports
. Setting up credit card programs

Period Close

. Describing the period closing process in Payables and Purchasing
. Reconciling accounts payable transactions for the period