Account Receivables

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Course Topics

Overview of Oracle Receivables Process

. Order to Cash Lifecycle
. Overview of Receivables Process
. Overview of the Transaction Process
. Overview of Other Invoice Operations
. Overview of Adjustments
. Overview of the AutoInvoice Process
. Overview of the Receipts and Remittances
. Overview of Collections and Tax

Manage Parties and Customers Accounts

. Party Model Overview
. Profile Classes
. Multiple Sites and Business Purposes: Centralized and Decentralized Example
. Data Quality Management
. Dun & Bradstreet Integration
. Merge Parties or Customer Accounts
. Reports
. Required Setup Steps for Customers

Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview

. Order to Cash Lifecycle Overview
. Over of Application Integration
. Customer Entry Methods
. Order Management Process
. Pricing Process
. Shipping Process
. AutoInvoice Process
. Receivables Process

Process Invoices

. Oracle Receivables Overview
. Transaction Overview
. Invoice Entry Methods
. Entering Sales Credits
. Creating Invoice Batches
. Creating Debit Memos and Creating Adjustments
. Voiding Transactions
. Reports and Printing Transactions

Process Invoices Using AutoInvoice

. AutoInvoice Process and Integration
. Defining Transaction Batch Sources
. Defining Transaction Flexfields
. Determining Tax Liability
. Managing AutoInvoice System Options
. Correct Errors Overview
. AutoInvoice Exception Handling Windows

Implement Customer Invoicing

. Required Setup Steps for Transactions
. Auto Accounting
. Payment Terms
. Remit-to Addresses
. Accounting Rules
. Setting Up Document Sequencing
. Setting Up Gapless Transaction Numbering
. Consolidated Billing Invoices

Manual Receipts

. Overview of Receipts
. Creating Batches
. Applying Receipts to an Invoice
. Criteria for Mass Applying Receipts
. Applying Cross Currency Receipts
. Entering Discounts

Implement Receipts

. Overview of Receipt Setup
. Types of Receivables Activities
. Receipt Class, Payment Method and Bank Account Relationship
. Defining Bank Accounts
. Defining Receipt Classes
. System Options for Accounting
. Profile Options
. Functional Security

Tax Accounting Process

. Order Management Global Taxes Overview
. Receivables Global Tax Overview
. Value Added Tax Overview
. US Sales Tax Overview
. Tax Partner Process Overview
. Other Taxes in Oracle Applications
. Tax Setup Steps
. Defining Tax Preferences, Defaults and Rules

Period Close Process

. Period Closing Process
. Overview of Ordering to Period Closing
. Standard Reports
. Reconciling Inventory Transactions
. Running Revenue Recognition
. Transferring to the General Ledger
. Running the Journal Import Program
. Mapping Receivables Transactions to General Ledger Categories