Human Resources

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End Users

Functional Implementer

Sales Consultants

Course Topics

Overview of People Management

Identifying the different workers in your enterprise

Describing person types

Describing the key workforce concepts in Oracle HRMS

Identifying components of the assignment

Introduction to Recording People Information

Recognizing the different interfaces for which you can enter and maintain people information

Recognizing Self-Service HR capabilities

Understanding how to represent your workforce using Oracle HRMS

Set Up People Information

Defining person types

Identifying assignment statuses

Defining contract information

Collective Agreements

Identifying collective agreements

Defining collective agreements

Entering People Information

Describing the hiring process

Hiring a new person

Placing a contingent worker

Entering personal information

Entering Student Employees

Student Employees in Oracle HRMS

Creating Student Employees

Data Synchronization between HRMS and OSS

Entering Assignment Information

Entering Supervisor Information

Entering Payroll Information

Entering Information for Statutory Reports

Using Collective Agreements

Entering Contingent Worker Assignment Information

Managing People

Maintaining personal and assignment information

Entering information for additional assignments

Changing and ending primary assignments

Viewing and updating personal and professional information in SSHR

Promoting and transferring a person

Describing disability information

Reporting and Analyzing People Information

Describing HRMS workforce reports

Describing HRMSi Workforce reports

Running reports


Terminating Employment

Ending Contingent Worker Placements

Ending Secondary Assignments

Reinstating or Rehiring

Canceling a Termination


Understanding Back-to-Back Employment