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End Users

Functional Implementer

Course Topics

Overview of Oracle Inventory

Receiving Inventory

Transferring Inventory

On-hand and Availability

Issuing Inventory

Inventory Accuracy

Discussing Inventory Application Integration

Inventory Structure

Overview of Inventory Structure

Setting up the Inventory Organization Structure

Defining Organization Parameters

Defining Shipping Networks

Defining Subinventories and Locators

Units of Measure

Defining Units of Measure

Defining and Maintaining Items

Defining Items Process

Using Item Templates

Assigning Items to Organizations

Categories, Category Sets, and Catalogs

Deleting Items

Lot and Serial Control

Setting up Lot Control

Maintaining Serial Information

Maintaining Lot and Serial Genealogy

Transaction Setup

Defining Transaction Types

Defining Picking Rules

Defining Account Aliases

Opening and Closing Accounting Periods

Setting up Move Orders

Material Shortage Alerts and Notifications

Issuing and Transferring Materials

Managing Receipts

Performing Transactions

Performing Move Orders

Performing Mobile Transactions

Managing Shipments

On-hand and Availability

Using the Material Workbench

Creating Available to Promise Rules

Managing Reservations

Material Status Control

Material Status Setup

Inventory Replenishment

Defining Replenishment

Inventory Forecasting Methods

Replenishment Counting


Inventory Accuracy

Defining Counting

ABC Analysis

Cycle Counting

Physical Inventory